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From: charles tyrrell
Subject: Charlie and JoeComments welcomed. I reply to all emails.
***Little Charlie was a born pervert. He would try to look
up little girl's dresses as they climbed a tree and
followed little boys into their bathrooms to watch them
piss. His hormones naked model teeen were kicking in early and hard.One day while he was walking in the woods with an older
boy near his little town shooting BB guns, he had a
sudden urge to let his stiff little prick stick out of
his overalls. He didn't yet know why but he wanted the
other boy to see his bare prick.The older boy looked at the prick being presented to
him and asked Charlie if he wanted to jack off. Charlie
didn't know what that meant but said sure, because it
sounded naughty.The older boy took him to a nearby barn and told him to
undress, which Charlie did, a delightful naughty
feeling overwhelming him.Charlie watched as the older wals model boy's hard prick sprang
out as he dropped his shorts. The boy started to talk
dirty as he squeezed pre cum from his rigid cock and
started to play with his wet erection. "Look at my big
cock. Fuck but it feels good to jack the hard fucker in
front of you. Come on Charlie, jack your cock like I
am," he said."Fuck yes, this feels so good, jacking my horny fuck
meat. Your cock is so big, can I jack it? I am so
fucking horny," Charlie said.The older boy stood with legs spread and Charlie knelt
down in front of him and took his wet cock in both
hands and started jacking ls land models just like he had seen the
older boy do."Oh yeah Charlie that feels so good. Pretty soon I'm
going to cum in your hands. The cum will shoot out of
the prick head and that is the best fucking feeling in
the world. Fuck, I'm about ready. Oh fuck yes, keep
going, here I cum!"Charlie had never ever felt so naughty as when streams
of warm cum shot all over his hands and bare chest.
Charlie took the slippery cum and rubbed it over his
stiff little prick and jacked until he had his first
orgasm. Years later he looked back on the experience
and wished he had known to suck him off.The older boy moved away and Charlie lost his one and
only jack off buddy. However, he was jerking off two or
three times a day. Everything turned him on, even his
Marvel Comic books. He was still in grade school with
no outlet for his supercharged cock, except his hand.
He started finger fucking his ass hole as he jacked his
growing cock, a perv in a boy's body.***The years pass and, after several marriages, Charlie
finds himself single. His first wife liked the way he
fucked her with his oversexed 8" cock but she wasn't
kinky and Charlie lost interest. He wanted her to fuck
other guys but she thought that was sick.The second wife was a perfect fucking slut. She got
drunk and brought guys home and fucked them and Charlie
loved the sloppy seconds. He was also wildly into porn
and discovered a site where guys showed off their horny
stiff cocks in panties and stockings. He had never
forgotten the nonnude model thong older boy's squirting cock and realized
that cock turned him on more than cunt. And cock in
panties was even more naughty and a super turn on for
him.He started wearing his wife's cum filled panties and
her stockings while she was out drinking and fucking.
One night he put on lipstick and was standing in front
of a mirror jacking off in her panties when his drunken
cunt and her latest boyfriend stumbled in and found him
in her cum filled panties.Well, that was the end of his second marriage. Now he
spent his off time dressed like a fucking slut and
jacking his big prick off into his drinks looking at
male porn sites. One night, while he was drunk from
drinking his young model homepage cum laced drinks he took his picture and
entered it on a male porn site.He shaved his slender long legs and pubic area and even
applied make up and a nice wig. He loved the black mesh
stockings, lacey garter belt, thin silk panties (when
he wore them) and a black party dress. Shit, he looked
sexier than a lot of women.He tried sucking his cock but couldn't. But he was fond
of jacking off in his drink. He needed to jack off at
least three times a day so he could get drunk on his
cum drink. He even got a small cock shaped dildo to
fuck his virgin ass hole and pretend it was the real
thing. While he pretended a real cock was fucking his
moist ass hole he started calling himself "Charlene."***One evening he noticed an email addressed to
"Charlene." It was from a man named Joe. Joe wrote that
he had seen the Charlene picture on the male site and
thought it was beautiful and extremely sexy. He said he
would love to chat.Charlie wrote back that he would love a male friend sandra model photos and
asked for more details from Joe. Charlie was a little
high on his cum drinks and added a picture of him in
just stockings, garter belt and high heels, his big
cock wet with pre cum and standing straight out. Later
Charlie wondered if he had scared Joe off by sending
the photo.The response from Joe made his heart race. Joe said he
loved the Charlene picture so much that he made a copy
and then kid angel models jacked off on it. Joe said he had never been
with russian innocent models a man but had been thinking about it for a long
time. He just had to find the right person. At the
bottom was a photo of Joe's spent cock laying on the
cum covered photo. It was signed, "Love Joe."Charlie was so excited that he jacked a big load into a
glass and then added brandy and drank it in a gulp,
savoring the taste."Dear Joe, his email read, bikin models thank you for the photo of
your beautiful cock cumming on my picture. You are so
sweet and very sexy to me. I wish you could see how
hard my cock is for you right now. You excite me so
very much."Other than having an older boy showing me how to jerk
off when I was little I haven't made love to a man
either although I have wanted to for years but have
been afraid of being hurt. Could you love me, Joe? My
love... Charlene."To the email Charlie uploaded a photo taken from the
rear. A close up of Charlie bent over holding his ass
hole open dressed in just stockings russian innocent models
and garter belt,
big cock and full balls hanging down."Darling Charlene, the response read, yes, oh yes, I
could love you. You are all I think of my wonderful
Charlene. I hope you aren't offended but I would really
love to meet you in person. Oh honey, I am yours to
love. Yours, Joe."The emails bikini science models continued back and forth, telling of love
and lust. Finally Charlie suggested that Joe fly in and
meet him for drinks and to see if the chemistry was
right.Joe made reservations at a five star hotel that had an
upscale bar downstairs for lovers. Candle light,
dancing, soft music and private booths. A date and time
for the meeting was set. Joe made it clear that he
wanted naked model teeen
to meet his Charlene, dressed as in the photo.***On the big day Charlie made the change to Charlene.
"She" had a long bath. She shaved her long legs, pubic
area, the rest of her body and painted her toe nails
and fingernails.After she shaved her full ball sack her big cock was so
turgid that she jacked off in her glass (es) of brandy.
She spent time cleaning her virgin ass hole and only
teased the brown pucker hole several times.Finally she stood in front of the floor length mirror
and studied the results. Fuck but she was beautiful.
Tall, slender, perfect black wig and makeup contrasting
to her soft white skin. Short black party dress showing
her white skin above the black stockings. A hint of
black garter belt to set it off. She would wear her
black high heels when she yung girl models left her place for the hotel.She was a little drunk as she stroked streams of cum
into her new drink. Fuck the panties, make it easier
for Joe to find her large prick.***She took a taxi to the hotel and saw men watch her as
she walked in. She thought it was a little funny that
her cock was probably bigger than theirs.She took the elevator down to the lounge and felt her
cock swinging free and growing against the dress
material. As the door opened she was glad it was so
dark as her cock was getting hard.She stood for a moment letting her eyes adjust to the
candle light when she heard her name, Charlene. A very
nice looking middle aged man stepped away from the bar
and smiled at her."Joe?" she asked."Yes my darling. You look so beautiful. Let me show you
to our private booth and then I'll get us something to
drink."She admired Joe's body as he made the trip to the bar.
When he returned with the drinks she noticed his shirt
was unbuttoned at the top showing a hairy masculine
chest.She in turn had crossed her legs showing her white skin
and garter belt above her stockings."Joe, do I look ok to you? I am so nervous that I had
several drinks before coming.""Oh yes my dear. Shit, I got to admit that I've had
several myself. Sorry, didn't mean to cuss.""Dance with me baby. I love naughty words. Makes my
fucking cock wet. Ok?"Joe took her hand and lead her to the small dark dance
floor. He looked into her eyes and slowly rubbed his
hand down her back bikin models to her ass and pulled her close,
their engorged cocks rubbing together.Then he kissed her, tongues exploring. Charlene was in
love with this hot man and her cock needed attention.
Back in their booth they continued kissing and she felt
his hand on her bare thigh, just above the stocking.He finally found her 8"s of cum ebony booty model
filled wet fuck meat.
By now she was pretty drunk and giggled and said she
must have forgotten to bikini model scam wear panties. She was so hot and
hard."Joe my love, I am so fucking turned on. I feel like
being a very naughty girl with you. I have tried to
behave tonight since we just met. I love to jack off in
my drink. Are you still ok with me?""Charlene, you are so fucking perfect. I have never
even thought of jerking off in my drink but it sounds
cool. I love the feel of your big wet prick. Shit baby,
lets go to my room. Ok?"In the elevator Joe pulled up her skirt and felt her
bare ass with one hand while he stroked her throbbing
meat with the other. She was trying to get his dripping
cock out of his pants when the elevator stopped at his
floor.In his room she took off her dress petite models young and was beautiful in
just her stockings, garter belt and high heels, her
pulsating cock streaming pre cum and of course her make
up."Hey baby, get me another drink while I take a piss.
I'm about a drunk cock sucking slut."Charlene was taking a long piss when she felt kisses on
her neck and a huge cock between her ass cheeks. When
she took the drink from nonnude model thong Joe his hand felt down her
belly to her shaved prick and held it while she pissed.She downed her drink and turned around to find Joe on
his knees. She moaned as he grabbed her ass checks and
pulled her cock deep in his mouth sucked for a little
while.He stood up and she loved the looks of his body. Hairy
while she was shaved and stocky where she was slender.
And what a cock he had. Big naked polish models and beautiful.He held her hand as he helped her to the bed. She was
really ripped."Fuck my ass you beautiful cock sucker, she said. But
first let me suck your big fuck stick."She couldn't believe how good his dripping prick felt
and tasted as brazil sexy model she sucked him.Then she laid back and raised her slender stocking clad
legs for her lover. He got between her legs and she
felt his fuck meat probing her little brown ass hole.Eyes locked in passion she felt his prick enter her
ass, deeper and deeper. He drew his cock out and back
in slowly so as not to hurt her. When he felt her ass
open he picked up his speed.She had never been so turned on and cried out that she
was going to cum. He picked up his speed as her prick
started shooting cum all over her chest and belly. The
timing was perfect as he then started shooting streams
of his cum deep in her bowels.He 15 model year had no sooner pulled his spent dripping prick from
her ass than she pulled him forward and took him into
her mouth. He started growing again and so did she. She
had him get a glass and young models toppless scoop her cum from her chest
and belly. Then he added his drink and drank it down.He said he loved the taste and pretty soon they were
jacking each other off in to more drinks.They must have passed out because suddenly it was
morning and they were in each other's arms, cocks
turgid again.Charlene woke up first and smiled when she saw how hard
Joe's cock was, even asleep. She leaned over and his
cock slid right into her mouth. She loved the taste of
dried cum and the fresh pre cum.She went to the kitchen and filled a glass with orange
juice and returned to bed. Joe was awake and watched
his lover's big cock bounce as she smiled art nudes models at him.She got on her knees and said, "Good morning you horny
ass fucker. Let Charlene show you how I fix breakfast."She placed the glass of OJ under her swollen prick and
started to stroke herself. Joe thought she was so
beautiful, her painted finger nails against her smooth
white prick as she jacked herself faster and faster.Her painted lips parted as she closed her eyes and had
her biggest orgasm, shooting huge streams of cum into
the glass.When she finished said handed Joe the glass and said,
"Ok baby, Charlene has fixed your breakfast. When you
finish how about you fuck my moist little ass hole or
maybe you'd like me to suck you off like the good
little cock sucker that I am.""Oh Charlene, I love your breakfast. Let me pump my
fucker into your drink now. Then baby, if you feel
really naughty later you can wear your fuck me outfit
and we'll see what we can get into. I want to show you
off."What a perfect couple.
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